When I started this blog, I only knew two people blog who blogged, Chris and Todd. Each told me I should start a blog, but Chris was the person who really keep pushing me to write. Chris had a few blogs and was much better at writing than I am.

Really, you could call Chris the grandfather of this blog. Not only is the grandfather of this blog; he was the one who called me “Code Monkey” and thus the name of the blog.

Well, Chris passed away in June of 2015. I have been trying to write a blog entry to say goodbye to and honor him. However, it has been harder for a lot of reasons. Mostly, I guess because I don’t want him to be gone. He left behind his wife and three children that are still young.

Chris would have something better to say in his blog about this than I have put here. I will just put one short story here that is kind of ironic for him. As I was leaving his funeral, I was stuck in traffic for many miles by two vehicles. They were going way under the speed limit and blocking anyone else from making progress. One had a Hillary sticker and the other had an Udall sticker on it. I am sure he would have said it figures.

Click Here for Chris’ obituary. Pray for his wife and kids and if you know them and they need something, lets try to remember to help them out.

Bye Chris, you are missed.