February 1, 2011, marked the sixth of this blog, Admirable Thoughts: Writings of Code Monkey. Every anniversary, I write a yearly review of the blog as a way to refresh our memories about why this blog exists. Also, I list stats about this blog that probably only I care about. I am behind this year because of work, but I am still going to get the entry out.

As always, feel free to leave comments, email me or contact me with the contact form about what you love or hate about the blog, changes you would like to see, or how this blog has changed you life.

Reasons For The Blog:
I had a few reasons for starting this blog. One was because I figured it would be good to know how to setup blogs in case I had to do one for professional reasons since I do a lot of website work. Another reason for this blog was to help improve my writing and grammar skills.

After my first entry, I decided that once and in while, I would have a bullet point format of thoughts called Monkey Meditations. If the entry was not Monkey Meditations, the title of the entry would be a line from some song. Hopefully, it gives my blog a little bit of character to call my own.

There is a icon link on the left side bar that looks like a musical note and is called Name That Title; so if anyone wanted to know what song the title was from, they could find out. Some lyrics get used for specific entry types and that is explained on the Name That Title page.


  • Entries:
    Type Past Year Overall
    Entries 60 392
    Monkey Meditations 6 62

    The number of entries was up by eight from the previous year.

  • Categories:
    Type Past Year Overall
    Faith 15 56
    Family 22 76
    Friends 10 74
    General 15 121
    Hiking 0 42
    Music 5 37
    Trips 11 11
    News 6 60
    Sports 23 153

    Some stories where in multiple categories. I am sad to see I got in no hiking stories or any real good hikes last year.

  • Entry Song Types:
    Type Past Year Overall
    Country 20 150
    Christian 17 105
    Rock and/or Roll 0 14
    Other 2 10

    I do not include the special titles in this count.

  • Comments:
    Type Past Year Overall
    Number of Comments 74 464
    Unique People Who Left Comments 12 36

    Thank you for the comments. I truly appreciate each one.

Based on those signed up for the blog’s emails updates, people who have emailed me about the blog, those those leave comments, and those who use RSS readers to know when the site has a new story I believe there about 43 regular readers. So the Monkey Pen (what I call the readers of the blog — a name that came from the readers) grew by three from last year! We have continued to grow every year.

There maybe others who check out the blog now and then as well. However, I don’t have a good numbers for that.

Other notes about the blog, is that there were a few minor changes to the sites look over the past year, mostly with the side bar and a like button for each story.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading this blog. I do feel privileged that you read it.