It is a tradition of this blog near the end of each year to rank the movies that came out during the year (2015) and that I saw in the year (2015). These are just my thoughts about the movies. If it is different than yours, that is OK. We can have different opinions, really.

Why do I put this list out? Well, no reason really other than I just want to. It is just a yearly feature of Admirable Thoughts: Writings of Code Monkey.

I would like to thank the Local Public Libraries where I checked out all but four of these movies. Without the library, I probably would not have wasted hours watching movies because I don’t want to spend the money on them.

1 Avengers: Age of Ultron I find good Super Hero movies a lot of fun
2 McFarland, USA Based on a true story I can’t believe I did not know about
3 Star Wars The Force Awakens Very enjoyable but nothing about the plot surprised me
4 The Secret Handshake Not best movie ever made, but it was funny and does deal with a great question “How do you teach a boy to be a man?”.
5 War Room Actress Karen Abercrombie kind of stole the show, she did a good job
6 Max A classic family-friendly, dog movie, good acting, but with an average plot
7 Interstellar I was surprised how much I liked this movie
8 Mr. Holmes An interesting take on an aging Sherlock Holmes
9 Jurassic World At least the kids did not reboot an UNIX server in seconds like in the first one
10 Ant-Man Not Marvel’s best effort for sure
11 Terminator Genisys Time travel lets you do lots of different things
12 Insurgent Mediocre at best
13 Into The Woods This one disappointed me
14 Furious 7 Not feeling this Furious movie like I have with some of the other ones
15 Mad Max. Fury Road Can’t believe how many people loves this movie
16 Creed Sly was by far the best actor in this movie
17 Fantastic Four Much worst than people said it was