At the end of each year, I like to honor my friends/people I know that have blogs by linking back to my favorite story that they wrote this past year. It is just a way to support my friends and let them know I enjoy their work.

I hope you take the time to click on the links and read about their lives and their thoughts.

The Adventures of MollieWhat an ugly word.
Bob The RunnerBob’s first time on the podium. Congratulations Bob!
Danica FavoriteTen things that make you awesome.
Dave & Amy Terpstra“I love to throw stuff away.” This was the first line of the entry and it really got my attention.
Field Notes On The Jesus WayFinish Strong, words I tell myself all the time.
Fraser Hess BlogTechie blog with some wise real world words: “sick of this macho, don’t-show-any-weakness nonsense from”
Grace and Truth“To be more clear don’t demand that you should be allowed to steal from other people because you made a dumb decision”
Grace in the StoryShine
Hammi: Bacon-Fueled FitnessThis was the last entry before motherhood took over for her.
Hugs Across The MilesAsking for help can be hard but so needed and useful.
I Get It ChiropraticSome health benefits of fasting.
I’m Julia’s MomThis is such a great blog making it so hard to choice a favorite one. I picked this one because it was about more of the this wonderful family.
J.D. Dudycha (The Penitent Man)Great blog from a good friend. It has lots of different entries. This one is about publishing his book.
Melissa CheathamFinishing life as an intern.
My Random ThoughtsDangerous life of those people.
Oh the Places You’ll Go!Yep, real leaders go first.
One More RiverWhen you play at Goatfest, I think you have made it to the big time.
ShalagAs someone who likes to eat, I like to have a list of feasts.
She’s an American GirlAnd she is off.
Way of RunningLoved the way he described Winter running, “guts to do what it takes and the craziness to endure”.
Win, Lose, & DrewIt should be this way every playoffs. I would have included the Dodgers, too.

Happy New Year! May you new year be much better than the previous!