At the end of each year, I like to honor my friends that have blogs by linking back to my favorite story that they wrote this past year. It is just a way to support my friends and let them know I enjoy their work.

I hope you take the time to click on the links and read about their lives and their thoughts.

640FitnessI serious need to do this as my core needs lots of help
Above The TreelineLove flowers that can live at higher altitude
Beauty for AshesHello Lucy
Bring His HopeLove the line, “There truly is more hope for a fool than for someone who is wise in their own opinion.”
Danica FavoriteCongrats to Danica on becoming a real published author
Dave & Amy TerpstraFunny how “home” can change
Hugs Across The MilesI was explaining film to a kid the other day, and I felt like I lived life among the dinosaurs, too.
Jen’s BlogPeaches and Blueberries, yum.
My Random ThoughtsPrayer, Time, and Friends can be so useful
ShalagPsalm 121 is mentioned and that is one of my favorite passages in the Bible
The Adventures of MollieI am slacker, too, Mollie
The Dewey TribeIt does not get much better than legos, trains, and trucks
Wheat Ridge GardenHandel’s Messiah Chicken Style
Win, Lose, & DrewHe makes it tough to narrow it down to one, but this one is a fair and clean shot at ALL national politicians. Therefore, it has to be my pick for this year.

Happy New Year! May you new year be much better than the previous!