About This Site
I created this websites years ago as a simple way to share my life with friends & family who were not always around me. It was a simple of way of sharing photos so they could see what is going on in my life. It has a grow a bit from its beginnings, but now I have pretty much stopped updating it as the world of social media has replaced the need to have this personal site.

About The Blog
I added the blog to the site on February 1, 2005. It is called, Admirable Thoughts: Writings of Code Monkey, in honor of two of my nicknames.

I had a few reasons for starting this blog. One, because I figured it would be good to know how to setup blogs in case I had to do one for professional reasons. Another reason for this blog was to help improve my writing and grammar skills.

The entries in the blog can be about anything that I feel inclined to write about. I don’t limit myself to anything since I am not an expert at anything so I might as write about everything. I am told from some readers that most of the stories feel like they are about baseball and mountains. I feel I write about other things like football and hockey, but yes I write about baseball and mountains a lot as those are some of my deep loves.

After my first entry, I decided that once and in while, I would have a bullet point format of thoughts called Monkey Meditations. If the entry was not Monkey Meditations, the title of the entry would be a line from some song. Hopefully, those things will help give my blog a little bit of character to call my own and to be a little different from other blogs out there.

There is a link that is in on the side bar called Name That Title; so if anyone wanted to know what song the title was from, they could find out. Some lyrics get used for specific entry types and that is explained on the Name That Title page.

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However, as time has gone on, I am writing to the blog less and less.

About Me
I am just a Christ Follower who gets to live in the beautiful state of Colorado in the United States. I work as computer programmer/consultant with a company named, Admirable Consulting, Inc.. I have good family, friend, and church. I am a guy who love sports, especially baseball. I also love the mountains and hiking in the Colorado mountains. I climbs mountains just for fun, not to get somewhere I need to go.

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